Ray Helms Westside Community Park

1300 W College Street, Enterprise, AL36330 https://eprd.recdesk.com/Community/Facility/Detail?facilityId=27
Ray Helms Westside Community Park is named after Ray Helms for his contributions to the community park. Ray Helms was the Chairman of the Westside Community Park Association, and dedicated his free time to various improvements to the park which include a gazebo and pavilion.

Ray Helms Westside Community Park offers a beautiful playground, gazebo, two areas with covered pavilions and chairs, restrooms, and a small kitchen.

Rental fees for the pavilion are $10 an hour and $15 an hour if you would like the kitchen included. To rent the facility, please come in person to the Enterprise Parks and Recreation department currently located at the Enterprise Civic Center, 2401 Neil Metcalf Rd., Enterprise, AL 36330.

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